72% Brazil, Rio Purus Wild Amazonas

72% Brazil, Rio Purus Wild Amazonas


Farm Structure: Wild Grown/Wild Harvested

Producer: Cooperative - COOPERAR

Origin: Purús River

Nearest City: Rio Branco

Terroir: River banks of Amazon tributary (Rio Purús) 

Elevation: 400-500' ASL

Variety: Wild, uncultivated Purús population. No cultivated cacao in the area.

Soil: Alluvial (clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down.)

Harvest Season: February - June

Fermentation Style: Wooden boxes with native Amazon timber. 4-6 days total fermentation, depending on age of harvested pods.

Drying Style: barcaça (traditional Brazilian drying decks of wood)

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